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FIES Excellence is a company with over 20 years of professional experience as a teaching service and implementation of cardioprotection programs. As a recognized and approved training center, we develop our training activity in the field of emergencies, prevention and safety, likewise, we are also managers and advisors in these sectors.

Leaders in comprehensive cardioprotection programs, training in immediate health care, vertical works, in height and in confined spaces, as well as fire and extinction actions. We design and carry out simulations at different levels and adjusted to the needs of each client.
Our entire team is made up of professionals specialized in the different areas of emergency, prevention and safety (firefighters, nurses, doctors ...), with a teaching profile that guarantees the quality of the training programs we offer.

Our main teaching force is the knowledge and study of each training proposal, reinforced by the experience we have at different work environments.

To complete and complement our activity in 360º offering a complete and quality service, we are also distributors of sanitary, safety and rescue material and components.

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