Implementation of cardioprotection programs in your environment ....... a luxury or a necessity?

In the interest of having an AED and create your own cardioprotected space, FIES presents its comprehensive cardioprotection programs, with different acquisition and maintenance options, thought and designed to respond to your needs.

As distributors and authorized technical service by Defibtech defibrillator brand, as well as official center and recognized by the Department of Health for training in basic life support - AED, we offer an Integral Service, this means, have all services necessary in cardioprotection without the participation of third parties: the supply of the equipment, the training in the use, the administrative, legal, technical and maintenance aspects, the technical service and the insurance associated with the defibrillator equipment, all from a single distributor.

Modalities of sale. We have several acquisition options:

Modality renting - all included

Contract with a duration of 5 years that includes the integral Maintenance of the AED during the 5 years of contract. Cabin, bag or rigid transport case. Consumables and substitution service for items that are not operating without cost, including pediatric electrodes. Procedures of the Administrative Registry as established by the corresponding Regulatory Decree of each community.

The AED is without initial cost, at the end of the term of the contract the equipment will become the property of the contractor.

Direct sale mode

According to the amount of each model


Rental of the defibrillator and consumables, with transport bag or rigid suitcase. Duration by sections from one week to six months.

Technical maintenance service

FIES Excellence is an approved technical service specialized in the maintenance of the Defibtech brand.

Except for the "renting - all inclusive" modality where maintenance is included during the term of the contract, we offer three maintenance options to better suit your needs.

Option 1.- Review and maintenance.
Option 2.- Maintenance contract and basic services.
Option 3.- All-inclusive maintenance contract.

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If it is of your interest, we offer you the training programs associated with the AED team:

FIES Excellence SL
, we are a recognized and authorized entity for training in basic life support and handling of automated external defibrillators.

• Basic life support initial training course - AED
Initial homologated training (according to the contents included in the corresponding Regulating Decree of each community) of the personnel that is designated.

• Retraining course of basic life support training - AED
Recycling of the knowledge learned in the initial homologated training.
Possibility of managing the bonus training (Tripartite)