FIES Excellence cardioprotection , has a line of products and complements of advanced technology.

AED / SAED Model Lifeline

The best defibrillator on the market with optimal performance.
The AED/ SAED Lifeline has all the necessary technical characteristics to offer the most advanced treatment in the face of cardiac arrest. So simple and easy to use that even non-health personnel can save a life. On sale the model 1400 and the 2800.
  • Robust and durable
  • Integrated, rubber-coated handle for easy movement
  • No covers or casings that hinder its use
  • High capacity main battery
    • (7 years or 300 downloads or 16 hours of monitoring, Mod. 2800)
    • (5 years or 125 downloads or 8 hours of monitoring, Mod. 1400)
  • Defibrillation patches pre-connected
  • Loading time
    • Less than 6 seconds, Mod. 2800
    • Less than 9 seconds, Mod. 1400
  • Includes metronome and verbal assistance during CPR

Model Lifeline 2800 auto

Model Lifeline 2800 auto , maintains the same features of the semiautomatic version but incorporating the total automation of the download, eliminating the need for the user to apply it. A great advantage when you want to go a step further to simplify the process.

Defibtech training.

 It has the maximum similarity to reality in the CPR training sessions, it is the ideal tool for user training simulating all the possible circumstances and scenarios that can occur in a real situation.

Another option that may be of interest in the field of training, is the possibility of having a real AED and be able to convert it, with a simple change of battery, into a training equipment.

Lifeline View

Simple and effective, with full-color interactive screen that provides step-by-step instructions for performing CPR and defibrillation, it also has the function of formative monitor.

It is the only equipment that combines Voice, Text and Video messages to guide the user at all times during the rescue process. Its simplicity and ergonomic design make it the best designed equipment for first responders.
  • Robust and durable
  • Video instructions on screen
  • High capacity battery (125 downloads or 8 hours of monitoring)
  • Side strap that facilitates handling and transfer to the place where it is needed
  • Defibrillation patches pre-connected
  • Charge time less than 4 seconds at 150 Joules
  • Metronome and verbal assistance during CPR
  • Easy to update
  • Possibility of bilingual functioning (Spanish / English)
  • Explanatory videos related to the use and maintenance procedure

Lifeline PRO

Manual or automatic defibrillator monitor of new generation and for professional use. A new concept of monitor - defibrillator with high performance that has revolutionized assistance in the care against cardiorespiratory arrest.
The Lifeline PRO allows, if it is of interest on the part of the professional, to respond by means of full manual control over the discharge energy and the sequence of them. The ECG is clearly displayed on a color screen, illuminated and high resolution. It can also be used as the Lifeline view model
  • Robust and durable
  • Video instructions on screen
  • Real-time protocol selection
  • High capacity battery (125 downloads or 8 hours of monitoring)
  • Rechargeable battery option.
  • Manual mode (from 25 to 200 Joules)
  • DEA mode
  • ECG monitor and specific cable for ECG monitoring
  • Defibrillation patches pre-connected
  • Loading time:
    • less than 4 seconds in AED mode
    • less than 9 seconds at 150 J.
    • less than 12 seconds at 200 J.
  • Easy to update
  • Lockable manual mode for use by medical personnel.

Lifeline ECG

Lifeline ECG has a large, full-color interactive display that offers clear ECG monitoring or an AED mode that provides step-by-step instructions for performing CPR, rescue breathing, and external defibrillation.
  • Video instructions on screen
  • High capacity battery
  • (125 downloads or 8 hours of monitoring)
  • Rechargeable battery option.
  • Operation in AED mode
  • ECG monitor and specific cable for ECG monitoring
  • Defibrillation patches pre-connected
  • Charging time: less than 4 seconds in AED mode
  • Easy to update
  • Metronome and assistant during CPR.

ARM thoracic compressor

ARM thoracic compressor, Defibtech automated thoracic compressor is a mechanical solution that allows the realization of high quality chest compressions, with a compression depth of 5 cm and a frequency of 100 minute compressions as recommended by the AHA / ERC. It is a very resistant equipment, with an advanced design that allows compressions in continuous mode or with ventilations.
  • Downloading data and updates can be done through a USB port.
  • The piston adjusts automatically to the patient's chest
  • Autonomy: 1 hour of uninterrupted operation
  • It allows direct loading on the equipment itself and during the intervention (full charge time of 3 hours). Possibility of loading on additional external base
  • Removable head, interchangeable and adjustable with respect to the working position
  • Certification of use for aircraft and helicopter.


Transport bag

Transport bag with high resistance and permeability
It consists of two departments. Reflective band
MATERIAL: sanity
SIZE: 30x25x10 cm.


Waterproof case and waterproof. Ideal for transport
Foam interior

Interior cabinet

Indoor basic cabin for DEA.
Manufactured on the front of polycarbonate and ABS housing.

Outside cabin

Basic exterior cabin for AED with opening alarm for greater safety.
Light signals
Battery operation
Manufactured on the front of polycarbonate and ABS housing.
Located on the front the signage of the survival chain
Pictograms with instructions for use.
Does not require electrical installation

Cabin - wardrobe

Cabin - metal cabinet with opening alarm.

AIVIA M surveillance module

AIVIA M surveillance module , allows remote monitoring of AEDs. Detects the extraction of the AED and sends an alert.
It does not need previous electrical installation, it works with batteries.
Adaptable to any DEA model or support.
It has the ability to monitor the functionalities of the AED and alert in real time of any event (incidents, failures) at the time of detection, thus ensuring that the AED works and is ready for use.

Monitoring of AED status

Monitoring of AED status
Automatic call and call button to the Emergency Services (112). Bidirectional communication
Motion detection (accelerometer) and Geo-tracking (GPS).
SIM card

Totem support

Totem support, used to support all types of cabins. Aluminum, can be fixed on the ground without being backed by any other means. It complies with the Regulation of urban furniture and exists in medium height version for accessibility to people with disabilities.

First aid kit for DEA installations

Pediatric electrodes

Adult electrodes