The formative structure

is integrated mainly in two areas


Training activities in relation to the first sanitary actions that must be carried out in the face of an accident or sudden-onset medical condition. Basic life support and DEA. Child emergencies First sanitary interventions in the industrial field. The teaching and instruction programs that are developed collect the different situations in which rapid and appropriate action can play a vital role in the prognosis and evolution of the affected.

  • Basic vital support. Manipulation of external defibrillators.
  • Health emergencies and first aid. Approach and initial maneuvers
  • Child emergencies Actions to be carried out in the first moments
  • Accident in aquatic environment. Approach and first maneuvers.
  • Others…


Training in occupational risk prevention, vertical works, confined spaces, electrical risks, risks and firefighting, work in electrical towers, wind turbines and any subject related to prevention, as well as advice and designs of emergency plans and its implementation. Preparation and execution of programs related to the general and specific performance in security in the face of an emergency situation in the workplace, sports or leisure.

  • Prevention of risks in the workplace
  • Risks and extinction of a fire.
  • Respiratory protection equipment (open and closed)
  • Training for vertical and height works. Level I, II
  • Rescue and Rescue for first acting.
  • Others…
  • Security in confined spaces
  • Acuatic first aid
  • Mine rescue and professional brigades
  • Works on electrical towers
  • Course of Egress and utilization HEED for helicopter crew
  • Others…

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On September 10, 2015, Law 30/2015, of September 9, was published in the BOE, regulating the Vocational Training System for employment in the workplace.
We are an accredited organizing entity in the State Foundation for on-the-job training. The companies have an economic aid that is made effective through bonuses in the Social Security contributions. We develop all the procedures of the training bonus.