FIES Group offers hygiene and safety guidelines for the reopening of establishments

With the start of de-escalation, businesses must meet certain safety and hygiene standards, both for workers and for customers.


The country has begun the process of gradual de-escalation of the extraordinary mobility restriction and social contact measures adopted to date. During these last days, many establishments are raising the blind again, within the Plan for the Transition towards a new normality approved by the Council of Ministers on April 28, with the aim of scheduling the gradual exit from Spain of the crisis generated for the Covid-19 disease, and reactivate the country, protecting the health and life of all citizens.

With the reopening of commercial activity, the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and spaces are essential. For this reason, the company FIES GROUP, a training center with more than 20 years of experience, which carries out its activity in the field of emergencies, prevention and health, has prepared a practical guide with recommendations and safety and hygiene measures. that businesses must take into account when reopening to the public.

'Avoiding unnecessary contacts is a measure that guarantees everyone's safety. That is why the social distance of at least one and a half meters must be maintained, and a maximum capacity of the premises must be established that allows this safety distance to be maintained, ' says Carles Galán, one of the professionals responsible for the FIES Group company, adding that 'establishments must take hygiene standards extremely seriously and increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of their facilities, as well as hot spots such as counters, door knobs, furniture, floors, telephones, cash registers, or toilets ' .

'It is important to ensure proper cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and spaces. First of all, cleaning is necessary, otherwise disinfection is not effective. Subsequently, surfaces, mainly contact surfaces, must be disinfected with specific cleaning products that disinfect and kill the virus, ' says Toni Albiach, one of the company's health professionals, who recommends safely disposing of used materials or personal protective equipment after each cleaning or disinfection, and finally proceed to wash hands with soap and water or hydroalcoholic gels.

Sale and distribution of medical equipment

Within its business group, FIES Group has set up the department for the sale and distribution of medical, emergency and preventive material. For this reason, coinciding with the de-escalation phases of confinement, it has presented its catalog of prophylaxis and disinfection medical devices, and PPE personal protective equipment .