The company FIES Group offers a coverage service, health prevention and support in special activities

The FIESvida service offers several possibilities to guarantee a rational and adjusted response in each situation


Before holding any event, whether public or private, the organizer must bear in mind that in any event where there are spectators or active participants, there is, among others, a health risk that must be assessed, and therefore has to assess possible health needs, based on the type, capacity and venue of said activity according to current legislation.

FIES Group, a company with more than 20 years of professional experience, offers a coverage, prevention and support service in special activities, made up of a group of professionals from the emergency, emergency and security sector, all of them with proven experience labor, which facilitates providing an efficient and quality service.

Carles Galán, one of the professionals of the FIES Group, points out that 'in the company we design the strategy of the activity to be developed and we adjust it to the client's needs. Our FIESvida service offers several possibilities to guarantee a rational and adjusted response in each situation ' , among which is health coverage in public and diverse events, such as concerts, sporting events or popular festivals; support and medical advice in special activities, both sports and work; the provision of health personnel to cover company medical services or work clinics; planning, management and coordination in the development of action plans in health emergencies; provision of a preventive and rescue team to support technical shutdowns for industrial maintenance; and a preventive and rescue team as support in the works where it is mandatory to have specialized first intervention teams.

"At FIES Group we have the infrastructure and the appropriate means to carry out each action," says Antoni Albiach, one of the company's health professionals. '' Health kits, specialized machinery, oxygen therapy, assistance vehicles, ambulances and safety and rescue equipment are the usual tools in our daily work, which together with the professionalism of our specialized teams, allow us to offer a response that is a guarantee of effectiveness , efficiency and quality ' .

At the same time, the company carries out the formalities and technical advice at the different levels of implementation and design of security systems and health services. Likewise, its technical service develops studies, programming and other characteristics of the prevention and safety environment.